Expanding knowledge and driving growth.

October 18-19, 2022
Washington, DC


Day 1 – Tuesday, October 18, 2022


Lunch, Exhibits, & Networking | Atrium Ballroom


General Session presented by SkyFoundry | Grand Ballroom

  • Welcome & Opening Comments: John Petze, Partner
  • Exciting New Stuff in SkySpark: Brian Frank, Founder & CEO
  • GhG App and Security Enhancements: Ross Schwalm, IoT & Data Enthusiast
  • Pricing Update and SaaS Program & Features: Paul Bergquist, Business Development
  • Haystack, BENEFIT, and Haxall Updates: Brian Frank, Founder & CEO
  • Haxall Developer Support Program: Roger Quesnel, COO
  • SkySpark’s Role as an IDL and Supervisory Control with SkySpark: John Petze, Partner


Break | Atrium Ballroom


General Session presented by SkyFoundry cont… | Grand Ballroom

  • SkySpark Cloud Native Infrastructure (CNI) – The Easy Button for Cloud Development: Brian Frank, Founder & CEO
  • Day 1 Q&A and Meeting Close: SkyFoundry Team


Reception, Dinner, & Exhibits | Atrium Ballroom

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Breakfast & Exhibits | Atrium Ballroom


Grand Ballroom II-III

  • 21st Century Integration and Analytics in Telecomm: Steve Krytkowski, Lead Application Development Engineer, CBRE ESI
  • Automated Functional Testing of HVAC Using SkySpark: Derek McGarry, PE, LEED AP, President, OTTO (by HP Buildings)
  • State Wide Application of Semantic Tagging to Normalize Proprietary Schema of Building Data: Thomas Yeh, Technical Advisor, NYSERDA

Grand Ballroom I

  • CNI Architecture: Brian Frank, Founder & CEO, SkyFoundry
  • CNI Walkthrough: Matthew Giannini, Senior Software Architect, SkyFoundry


Break | Atrium Ballroom


  • The Power of Analytics in Today’s World: Michael Youngs, President & GM, Control Consultants Inc.
  • Data Driven EV Charging Opportunities: Rick Jennings, Data Analytics Application Engineer, SkyFoundry
  • Lockheed Martin’s Smart Building Program and the Role of Arc in Operations: Michael Robbins, Building Fault Detection & Diagnostics Lead, Lockheed Martin
  • BENEFIT and Redesigned Protos: Brian Frank, Founder & CEO, SkyFoundry
  • User Management and Authentication (Cognito, Certificate Auth, SAML, LDAP): Ross Schwalm, IoT & Data Enthusiast, SkyFoundry


Lunch & Exhibits | Atrium Ballroom


  • Portfolio Meter Monitoring: Grace Pedersen, Energy Project Manager, and Sade Odumuye, Energy Engineer, Group14 Engineering
  • FDD on a New Prison Campus: Greg Schlegel, Senior Technologist, Bernhard
  • Machine Learning in SkySpark: Rick Jennings, Data Analytics Application Engineer, SkyFoundry, and Jan Široký, Researcher, Energy Twin
  • Extending the Skyspark UI Using Haystack-Core and React: Trevor Adelman, CTO, 3Arch


Break | Grand Ballroom Foyer


  • How Using AI Can Be Beneficial for Your Business – Practical Examples: Jan Široký, Researcher, Energy Twin
  • Hardware Agnostic Controls with the Power of Haystack and Arcbeam: Alper Üzmezler, Managing Partner, BAS Services & Graphics, LLC.
  • SkySpark Data Ingestion – A More Efficient Open-Source Library for Python to SkySpark Data Delivery: Andrew Rodgers, Co-Founder, ACE IoT Solutions
  • Merging Building Science with Data Science to Deliver High Performance Buildings: Adam Wallen, CEO, Ziva Tech Solutions, and Craig Stevenson, President, AUROS Group


Wrap-Up, Roadmap and Other Announcements (All Attendees) | Grand Ballroom II-III