12:00-1:30pm Meeting opens with buffet luncheon and exhibits

  • Detailed demo of major new features
  • Major new announcements
3:00-3:30pm Break
3:30-5:15pm SESSION 1

ViewBuilder Show and Tell Bake Off – The community competes to show off examples of the best use of ViewBuilder to create custom Apps, Views and Reports. Speakers will be provided with 10 minutes for rapid fire presentations. Prizes will be awarded based on attendee votes! Six speaking slots are available.

Moderator: John Petze

Speakers: Brian Frank, Terry Casey, Alper Uzmezler, James McGlynn, Chris Hartley, Gary Goddard, Jerry Weatherhogg

Special Presentation by John MacEnri, Crowley Carbon – Using SkySpark Everywhere distributed architecture in real world projects.

6:00-8:00pm Reception and buffet dinner with vendor exhibits
7:30-8:30am Breakfast, vendor exhibits and networking
8:30-10:00am SESSION 1

The Most Amazing Analytics Findings of All Time – Conducted as 10 minute, rapid fire presentations by community members. Prizes will be awarded based on attendee votes!

Moderator: John Petze

Speakers: Syed Suhail, Keith Bishop, Greg Schlegel, Paul Quinn


Viz Framework – Deep dive below the tip of the iceberg of the new Viz framework. We’ll cover the component model, SVG and PDF rendering engine, layouts, charting model, and generators.

10:00-10:30am Break
10:30am-12:00pm SESSION 2

Machine Learning – Introduction to Machine Learning tools by SkyFoundry and Examples from the Community.

Moderator: Matthew Giannini

Speakers: Gia Nguyen, Jake MacArthur, Keith Bishop, Matthew Giannini


View Framework –Discussion of views, vars, actions, data-bindings, and complex view design.

12:00-1:30pm Luncheon, vendor exhibits and networking
1:30-3:00pm SESSION 3

SkySpark in Commissioning, M&V, and Demand Management Applications – Community presentations.

Moderator: Paul Bergquist

Speakers: Celeste Cizik, Eric Loew, Derek McGarry, Jon Schoenfeld


Distributed Architecture – Thorough review of SkySpark Everywhere’s clustering technology. We will walk through setup, tunneling, XQuery, distributed navigation, and isolation.

3:00-3:30pm Break
3:30-5:00pm SESSION 4

Security Implementation Case Studies – How community members are meeting security challenges.

Moderator: John Petze

Speakers: Steve Eynon, Ron Victor, Brent Wavra, Matthew Giannini


Roadmap – Review of development plans for 2018 and beyond. We will introduce the Haystack Type System Working Group and what it means for SkySpark. Included will be a detailed walk through of the plan to port 2.1 apps to 3.0, the new rule engine, Folio cluster replication, and future plans for a new workflow engine.

For speaker information click here.

Track Details

Tuesday, November 14

SESSION 1 – Viewbuilder Show and Tell Bake Off


John Petze


Brian Frank, SkyFoundry
Review and demonstration of the new View Builder features in SkySpark 3.0.13

Terry Casey, Intellastar
Using ViewBuilder to create customized presentations for commissioning and M&V and Demand Response in retail store application

Alper Uzmezler, BASSG
Monitoring Connectors and folio database health status before processing rules and showing results in ViewBuilder. As we add 1000’s of points to analytics engine, the need to track health of connectors and historical data becoming more important. This app enables engineers to be proactive before these issues lead to sparks related to mechanical or human changes to BMS and network.

James McGlynn, Code Green
Using View builder to create calculated meters without coding. The View reads from the database and brings up a handy graph for each calculation based on a drop down selection. It’s a great example of how even a simple custom view can save a lot of time.

Chris Hartley, Altura & Associates
Using View Builder to create a Spark Silencer app to manage workflow and status of remmediation activities for Sparks. This app streamlines the management of large volumes of Sparks across a latrge portfolio of facilities

Jerry Weatherhogg, ATS
What points are being used by a rule? This custom ViewBuilder App can accept any combination of rules and a single equip, and returns the points used by the rule for the equipment, and even points that do not belong to the equipment itself, like Outside Air Temp. It also returns any points missing if the rule cannot be run on the equipment, and the tagging the rule expects missing point(s) to have.

Gary Goddard, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Wednesday, November 15
TRACK 1, SESSION 1 – The Most Amazing Analytics Findings of All Time


John Petze


Syed Suhail, Sieben
Modify Activation Set-Point of Plenum Heaters – Analysis through SkySpark suggested that the plenum temperature could be maintained ast a more efficient setpoint and still achieve all operating goals

Keith Bishop, Hepta Systems
When the ASHRAE Journal calls you a “building whisperer” for the results achieved on a project, there has to be a story to tell. If the building in question is a technologically advanced, net-positive middle school there are a multitude of things that can make this story unique. This presentation will cover findings involved in enabling this school to perform better than expected by the engineering design.

Greg Schlegel, BuildingFit
Are your heating valves actually closed? Hmmm. This one cost $8K per year.

Paul Quinn
166 Museum quality buildings in 46 countries; What could possibly to wrong! How do you monitor 166 religious buildings in 46 countries to maintain the quality of high end mill work, mural paintings and visitor comfort at the same time managing energy costs? Each building has minimal facilities staff and qualified local engineering talent can be hard to find. See some of the amazing SkySpark findings across this unique portfolio.

TRACK 1, SESSION 2 – Machine Learning


Matthew Gianini


Gia Nguyen, Altura & Associates
Application of machine learning to study the effect of building shapes to building’s heating load – Machine learning has been applied to forecast building loads, estimate energy efficiency retrofits, and detect faults in HVAC systems. Using machine learning tools, we can gain insight into building energy performance, create actions to lower building’s operation costs, encourage clean technology innovation, and mitigate environmental and public health impacts. While there are many different applications of machine learning, using machine learning tools follows a standard process: obtaining and pre-processing data, developing models, evaluating model’s accuracy, and creating predictions. In this presentation, we present the application of machine learning to a building dataset for predicting the building’s heating load. We also discuss our experiences using SkyFoundry’s machine learning toolbox.

Jake MacArthur, BuildingFit
Building large sites is hard and painful. Point names can be inconsistent and keeping track of tags requires a system. Quality skyspark informatics require a solid site with accurate tagging. To address these challenges, we have used a handful of data science techniques to determine if points are in scope and predict what tags should be applied to them. We will dive a bit into how the prediction works. These techniques require creating and improving training sets. We will end with a discussion of trade offs for making training sets diverse, up-to-date, and efficient.

Keith Bishop, Hepta Systems
What is it? So much our time in the HVAC controls industry is spent answering this question. One of the new features in the new SkySpark Machine Learning library allows the system to answer that question on its own. How cool is that? To start a demonstration on this topic, this session will introduce classification as a concept and demonstrate how to convert real world classification problems into mathematical models. Once a good base for discussion has been established, we will transition into a demonstration of Hepta’s success using the new mlSvm() functio

Matthew Giannini, SkyFoundry
A brief introduction to the new machine learning extension in SkySpark (mlExt). This talk will summarize the requirements to use the ext, as well as cover some its key capabilities.

TRACK 1, SESSION 3 – SkySpark in Commissioning and M&V Applications


Paul Bergquist


Celeste Cizik, Group 14

Eric Loew, Group 14
“Taking Commissioning and M&V to the Next Level with SkySpark Software” – The use of SkySpark software has greatly enhanced the commissioning process by enabling the evaluation of 100% of equipment over long time ranges. It has also opened the door for cost effective verification of both issue correction and energy savings. This presentation will provide an overview of how SkySpark is being used for new and existing building commissioning including a case study for a high rise office building in Denver, CO. It will cover custom measurement and verification (M&V) analytics that have been programmed in SkySpark to automatically calculate weather normalized energy savings with accurate costs using the SkySpark tariff engine. Charting and reporting will also be covered to show how energy data is being visualized and presented to customers.

Derek McGarry, Abundant Power
Warranty-phase commissioning with SkySpark. Enabling Cx agents to increase sampling of comfort zones and systems to 100%, analyze all systems 24/7 through all four seasons, with les time and effort and better results

Jon Schoenfeld, Kodaro
Using SkySpark for peak demand management of single-zone package units. We’ll discuss the benefits and lessons learned of deploying SkySpark for optimization with results from a recent case study. We’ll also provide a roadmap of future development including SkySpark on embedded devices, machine learning, and openADR certification.

TRACK 1, SESSION 4 – Security Implementation Case Studies


John Petze


Steve Eynon, Stackhub.org

Protect and encrypt your Axon code with Axonator! Axon scripts are distributed as plain text making it easy for others to copy and manipulate, until now! Learn how to use this free library to obfuscate your hard work.

Ron Victor, IoTium

Brent Wavra, CxS Connect

Best practices and considerations related to security and deployment complexities for connected buildings. Wth a focus on integrating IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) management practices for deployment of IoT solutions at the “edge”.

Matthew Giannini, SkyFoundry

Overview of key security SkySpark features and topics