Keith Bishop, Hepta Systems
Keith Bishop is the Director of Analytics for Hepta Systems, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Keith’s 15+ years of experience in both energy production and management provides a unique perspective for tackling industry problems. Recognized as a national leader in analytics development, Keith has helped drive sustainability solutions for a wide array of building types. His innovative analytical applications have supported data acquisition and diagnostic solutions for over 30 million sq. ft. of building space.
Terry Casey, Intellastar
Terry casey is regarded as an innovator and thought-leader in the Building Automation, Energy and IoT sectors.
Celeste Cizik, Group 14
Celeste Cizik, PE, CEM, PMP, LEED-AP
Existing Buildings Team Leader
Celeste Cizik is a Team Leader at Group14 Engineering overseeing Existing Building and Monitoring Based Commissioning Services. She has over fourteen years of experience in building energy engineering including existing building commissioning, controls upgrades, and mechanical system design. She has conducted energy projects at facilities and campuses across the country including large retro-commissioning projects and controls upgrades utilizing analytical software. She has also led energy trainings through the Federal Energy Management Program.
Steve Eynon,
A lifelong, full stack software developer, Steve is now fully invested in the ongoing development of the Fantom programming language. Keen to help other developers he has authored dozens of open source Fantom libraries, applications, and tools. His enthusiasm for Fantom introduced him to SkyFoundry and he is now the CEO and main developer of StackHub; the package management and e-commerce website for the Haystack Community.
Brian Frank, SkyFoundry
Brian is Founder of SkyFoundry
Matthew Giannini, SkyFoundry
Matthew Giannini is a software engineer with close to 10 years experience writing software in the BAS industry. His current role is software engineer at SkyFoundry where he works on the SkySpark analytics platform. In that role, Matthew had the opportunity to become more involved in the open source community where he is also a contributor to the Fantom programming language, and an active member of the Project-Haystack community.
Gary Goddard, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Gary is the team leader of a group of engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratory that work with building automation systems of various flavors and every HVAC design configuration considered since WWII. He is leading the effort to unite everything BAS and metering under one SkySpark user interface.
Chris Hartley, Altura & Associates
Chris has been involved in the commercial and institutional building energy efficiency and commissioning world since 2012. He enjoys finding new ways to deploy, integrate, and display data to clients using SkySpark.
Eric Loew, Group 14
Eric Loew, CEM
Lead SkySpark Developer
Eric Loew leads Group14’s SkySpark monitoring based commissioning services. He has over 11 years of experience in the building energy field including energy modeling, retro-commissioning, and analytics software development for commercial buildings. Eric also has more than 9 years of prior experience in software programming which he applies to the development and application of SkySpark software. Eric leads SkySpark integrations, rule development, and software customization for Group14 which includes over 90 custom rules.
Jake MacArthur, BuildingFit
Jake directs BuildingFit, a comprehensive energy performance platform, powered by SkySpark. Through analytic software and consulting, his team provides visibility into operations and delivers energy savings. He has led projects that range from deploying analytics on one of the ten largest buildings in the world to the largest carbon neutral precinct. Jake has presented at the GreenBiz Forum and at the Net Impact National Conference on energy efficiency topics.
John McEnri, Crowley Carbon
John has over 25 years experience as a software engineer and IT solutions architect in a diverse range of sectors. Since joining Crowley Carbon in 2014 as CTO, he has become deeply involved in the deployment of SkySpark across the broad range of industrial sectors Crowley Carbon are operating in as part of their energy management projects. John is active in the SkySpark community and has contributed open source solutions on StackHub for custom connector solutions.
Derek McGarry, Abundant Power
Derek D. McGarry, PE, LEED AP – Derek has been working in the built environment for about 20 years, spanning roles as energy analyst, mechanical design engineer, energy manager, and commissioning provider. He has worked on commercial and institutional buildings, including district energy plants and multiple LEED projects. He graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
James McGlynn, Code Green
James McGlynn has 7 years of experience as an energy engineering consultant and 11 years of amateur programming experience. He currently leads energy audits, retro-commissioning studies, ongoing commissioning studies, tenant metering efforts, and SkySpark development for CodeGreen Solutions.
Gia Nguyen, Altura & Associates
Gia Nguyen is a mechanical engineer with expertise in modeling and controls of dynamic systems. His PhD research focused on the design and predictive controls of a hybrid energy system for buildings. His research experience included collaborations with researchers and companies around the world. At Altura, Gia develops methods to predict building loads and explores the use of machine learning in building analytics. He is excited to put statistical learning and knowledge of building energy system to work.
Paul Quinn
Paul Quinn has a decade of building analytics experience and has worked with commercial, government and private building portfolios.
Greg Schlegel, BuildingFit
Greg leads the development and expansion of BuildingFit in the U.S. and Asia. For the last 15 years, he has specialized in the design, construction, and operation of energy efficient buildings through energy auditing, modeling, design, commissioning, and M&V. Greg has taught University courses on high performance buildings and presented on energy efficiency best practices and projects. He has held leadership positions with the USGBC helping to develop the green building market in Utah. In his spare time Greg likes to mountain bike, ski and snowboard as much as possible with his wife and three kids.
Jon Schoenfeld, Kodaro
Jon Schoenfeld is Director of Energy and Analytics at Kodaro. He applies his deep technical knowledge of building system design, engineering and operation to Kodaro’s growing list of analytics products and services. Schoenfeld has been an engineer in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields for more than 15 years.
Syed Suhail, Sieben
Syed joined Sieben Energy Associates in 2010. He leads the firm’s monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) services engagements. Syed’s responsibilities include launching and executing MBCx projects, development of algorithms/rules, maintaining the firm’s library of fault detection and energy-saving algorithms, project management, and new business development. Recipeint of 2016 ASHRAE Excellence in Engineering Award.
Alper Uzmezler, BASSG
Alper Uzmezler is the CEO and creative mind of BAS Services and Graphics, LLC (BASSG).
Ron Victor, IoTium
Ron Victor is CEO of IoTium and a technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience launching new ventures at start-ups and Fortune 1000 technology companies.
Brent Wavra, CxS Connect
Brent Wavra is President of CxS Connect and has 19 years of experience as a project manager, design engineer and commissioning agent.
Jerry Weatherhogg, ATS
Jerry is the lead Analytics Developer for ATS Automation, the Pacific Northwest’s leading controls engineering and energy optimization company. He has worked with SkySpark for more than 5 years, writing over a hundred rule functions and building many projects large and small, encompassing hundreds of buildings. Jerry is a SkyFoundry-certified Essentials Trainer and a scratch disc golfer.